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In  my blog post, Why I Switched to Non Toxic Products, I talked a little bit about my own journey with switching to natural personal care products, after taking it for granted most of my young life.  Some things were easier to switch over, like using bar soap instead of drugstore-brand body wash, and others were harder, like switching to non-toxic deodorant. Toothpaste was also one of those things that was hard to switch over. We tend to take what we're used to as the status quo, like having minty-fresh breath. This is why, when I started using non-toxic toothpaste, my mouth definitely had a reaction. But we accept what we're used to. Once I got used to a different taste and consistency of toothpaste in my mouth, I hardly noticed a difference. In fact, I really began to not like the almost burning-freshness of the standard Crest or Colgate. Another thing I noticed when I switched over was no more morning breath. This I attribute to the baking soda in the non-toxic version, as well as the absence of chemicals which disrupt the biome of your mouth.