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cycle love

Master the fertility awareness method to avoid pregnancy without the use of synthetic hormones. The fertility awareness method is a side-effect free, natural, and effective form of birth control. You can read more about how FAM works here.

learning fertility awareness

What you learn

What your main reproductive hormones are, and how they are essential to a healthy mind, body and fertility

How to chart your primary fertility signs, basal body temperature and cervical fluid, to find out when you ovulate each month.

The four phases of your cycle, the strengths of each phase, and how to to live in harmony with the ebb and flow of your body and mood.

How to use the fertility awareness method confidently and effectively to avoid pregnancy or get pregnant.

Identify what a normal cycle should look like, and steps to take to heal hormonal imbalances. 

Many of us wait until we are looking to get pregnant to think about our fertility. The reality is that reproductive hormones are responsible for more functions in the body than giving us our periods each month. Ovulation and menstruation are like our bodies monthly report card on our overall health. 


What you receive:

  • 3 live group sessions, encompassing everything you'll need to know to chart your cycles with confidence

  • Access to additional recorded video lessons

  • A mailed, physical copy of the Cycle Love workbook

  • Access to the Cycle Love member page

  • Ongoing email or messenger support from myself following the class

Class Format

  • SESSION ONE is a group class format focusing on the foundations of cycle charting including female hormones and anatomy, living cyclically, debunking myths around hormonal contraceptives, and everything you need to know about charting cervical mucus, which is what makes FAM so different from the rhythm method!

  • SESSION TWO goes deeper into the learning around how to put FAM into practice. We talk about how to be confident in using FAM to avoid pregnancy, the rules for avoiding pregnancy, as well as how to interpret BBT.

  • SESSION THREE is a group Q and A session, as well as a “pick your own adventure.” The group decides on a bonus topic related to cycles, FAM or hormones and you will also be able to ask me any questions you might have about your chart or using FAM.

Once you have completed charts, you are able to send them to me and I will do a chart review, ensuring everything is marked correctly.

“This knowledge empowers you to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your body, and also to make the choices that are best for you from there. FAM opens many doors for further understanding of your menstrual cycle, fertility, hormone health and more.” -Sasha, 26, NY

What clients have said:

After going off the pill I have noticed dramatic improvements in my mental health, physical health and overall lifestyle. I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn about natural birth control from Nathalie. She is wonderful and provides insight into an incredibly useful and reliable birth control method.

Ali, 32, Winnipeg 

Cycle Love was such a wonderful course and I gained so much from it. I loved the group format. You created such a welcoming environment where any and all questions were welcome. I found other student's questions very interesting and informative. They weren't things that I would think to ask, but I greatly benefited from those questions being asked. I loved how in depth you went into the cycle and how it works. You made FAM so accessible. I really appreciated how you broke down how to look at cervical mucus and how to use FAM as contraception. I found both of those aspects confusing before taking the course.

Mary, 29, Boston

If you are at all interested in an alternative to hormonal birth control I would highly recommend this course! I learned so much about my body and my cycle and gained so much confidence in the legitimacy of FAM. Nathalie creates a very comfortable and non judgmental environment where you can bring up your doubts and questions, and she is able to explain tricky concepts in a really accessible way.

Rachel, 23, Winnipeg

I started FAM after a frustrating experience using the pill as a form of contraception. The pill made me feel unlike myself. I was grumpy, tired, bloated, and completely out of touch with what my body was actually experiencing throughout my cycles. When I transitioned into using FAM, Nathalie was (and continues to be!!) a very helpful and supportive instructor. At the beginning of my journey with FAM I was overwhelmed with everything I felt like I had to keep track of, but Nathalie broke the whole process down for me in a simple and comprehensive way. Through FAM I am able to SEE when I ovulate and feel more in tune with why my body feels the way it does through each cycle. The best part is, I feel more myself within my body again!

Ari, 24, Winnipeg

I really appreciate having this support as I navigate my charting journey! Having someone to touch base with and ensure you are marking everything correctly is a game changer.

Janice, 24, Victoria

teaching fertility awareness

I am currently running the Fall 2019 round of Cycle Love + registration is closed.