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I have had the tempdrop for just over 3 months now, after months of debating of whether I should buy it, or whether it was just a frivolous purchase. I wanted to write this review for others who are in the same position, curious if the investment is worth it. I'm writing this review after 3 months of use, because It takes about 3 months for Tempdrop’s algorithm to fully learn your cycle.

I would like to state here that fancy thermometers are NOT necessary for using fertility awareness. If you do have the extra money, and want to make the temperature part of FAM a little easier, fancy thermometers definitely make sticking with the method and changing your habits much easier.

For several months, I have been using the Wink and Tempdrop simultaneously

The timeline of my thermometers goes a little like this: I learned FAM with the basic of the basic thermometers from the drug store. They work perfectly well and serve their purpose, but after I had taken my temperature and fallen back asleep, I had to rely on the stored memory in the thermometer, which was particularly short. This is what led me to buy the Wink by Kindara. I bought  this thermometer initially because it doesn’t beep, and takes the temperature much faster than a regular thermometer would. The bluetooth connection feature was nice, but transferring temperatures to my app still required rounding, so having the temperature sent to my phone didn’t save me any steps. That being said it served me well for 2 years. This summer, the Wink started showing signs of how I’d been throwing it around, taking it on my travels, dropping it on the ground, and started cracking. The metal band around the top disconnected as well. I have also heard of many other stories from other Wink users of the Wink breaking well before it should reasonably be showing wear and tear.

I had been eyeing the Tempdrop at this point and decided to bite the bullet and order it. I’ve broken my review up into categories, giving a full and honest description of my experience. I did not receive anything from Tempdrop for this review. If you do decide to go ahead and order it, I do have a referral link, where you will recieve $10 off and I will receive $10. I will link this at the end of the review.


I’ll admit, the first couple nights using Tempdrop were quite strange. I would go to sleep thinking about the thing on my arm, and keep waking up to check if it was still there. It’s not that it was uncomfortable, it was just something on my body while I was sleeping that I wasn’t used to. Now, I don’t think about it at all. There are times if I sleep with my arm under my pillow, and my head on my pillow, that I do feel it. If I shift my sleeping position I can usually avoid that.


While charting for the first 3 months with Tempdrop, they recommend that you use another thermometer at the same time while the Tempdrop “gets to know” your temperatures. Tempdrop uses an algorithm - not like Daysy in the way that it predicts ovulation and gives you your fertile window without you charting. Rather, it cancels out the outside temperature “noise.” This means that if you have a poor sleep, are travelling, sleeping in a room with a different temperature than normal, it will still give you an accurate temperature reading. This is a huge benefit of using the Tempdrop, because there are fewer false temperature spikes.

It takes about 3 cycles for the Tempdrop’s algorithm to kick in. After 60 days, it will only retroactively change temperatures in the last three days. After 3 months of using the Tempdrop, I only see minimal retroactive changes in the temperatures. Here are the photos of the 2 charts compared. The temperature shifts in the two charts are one day off in August, and the same in September. This is an issue, for using the FAM avoiding pregnancy rules. I will be curious to see this month what my charts look like, and if the algorithm after my next chart will show two identical temperature shifts. I'll update the blog once I get one more chart, to compare. The charts on the left are my Tempdrop temperatures, and the charts on the right are my Wink temperatures. 

In this Tempdrop chart, the temperature shift is on day 16

In this Tempdrop chart, the temperature shift is on day 16

w 1.jpeg

In this Wink chart, the temperature shift is on day 17


In this Tempdrop chart, the temperature shift is on day 16


In this Wink chart, the temperature shift is on day 16

The Tempdrop, unlike devices like Daysy or Ava, requires you to understand the rules of the Fertility Awareness Method, which has the highest efficacy when both temperature and cervical fluid are taken into account. If you’d like to learn this method of birth control, learn more about my next Cycle Love classes, which cover you everything you need to know to use FAM for avoiding pregnancy. 


The fact that I don’t have to wake up at the same time every day, just to take my temperature, has been a GAME CHANGER. If I worked odd hours, or had children, this would be even more of a game changer.

The one downside of the Tempdrop, is that for Iphone users, there are no integrated apps available (see update below). The process for syncing my Tempdrop temperatures, is that I connect the Tempdrop to my phone via Bluetooth, and the temperatures get sent to the Tempdrop app. The Tempdrop app does not automatically plot these temperatures into a chart. So I either then put the temperatures into an app or paper chart. For Android users, the Tempdrop syncs with the app Ovuview to automatically put your temperatures into a chart. The Tempdrop developers are working on an Iphone app, but there is no expected date of release.

tempdrop wearable bbt
tempdrop thermometer


At the time that I ordered the tempdrop in August, the price included 12 month refund, 24 month warranty and Tempdrop Care eligibility. The most common issues I’ve heard with the Tempdrop are the plastic mold that holds the thermometer breaking. In this case, I’ve heard women receiving a new mold free of charge. I haven’t personally had any issues with my Tempdrop, other than getting the right “contact” between the thermometer and my arm, once the temperature in my house changed in the Fall.


Aesthetically, the Tempdrop isn’t to my taste. The armband is frilly and white and not my style. From a practical stance, the armband gets quite dirty. I do know that with the next release of Tempdrop, additional colours for the armband will be available.

tempdrop package


The Tempdrop is really all I thought it would be. Not having to wake up to take my temperatures has made weekends, traveling, and days off much easier. I love how easy it is to use, and takes the thought out of waking up to take my temperature. I feel better backed by the warranty than I did with the Wink. If you are using FAM for birth control, and think you may be using it in the years to come, it is a worthwhile investment.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the Tempdrop in the comments, and again, if you do want to go ahead and order the Tempdrop, use my referral link to receive $10 off the two higher priced packages with more extended warranty. (Just a heads up, I will get $10 if you purchase using my link). 

Tempdrop is a worthwhile investment, especially if you:

  • Have young kiddos and wake up frequently during the night

  • Have a schedule that prevents you from waking up at the same time every day

  • Learn and know how to chart your cycles with FAM

  • Travel frequently

  • Have trouble sticking with FAM because you struggle to remember to take your temperature

Update: Tempdrop after 10 months of use

After ten months of using the Tempdrop I have completely switched over to using it as my only thermometer for using fertility awareness. Since the original writing of this article I have maintained that Tempdrop is a really wonderful purchase. I have had to reorder a plastic frame for my Tempdrop after accidentally snapping it. This was included in my one year warranty. I also had to change the battery, which proved to be fairly easy. Tempdrop now ships with a small plastic device to help pop open the thermometer which really helps with battery changing.

In terms of accurate temps, I have had no issues. The only time that I had a “false shift” was when I was sick with a fever. Tempdrop registered the fever and did not adjust it as an outside temperature disturbance. Something to note if you are using Tempdrop and know that you are sick or have a fever - but this is something that would register with any old basal body thermometer.

In May of 2019 Tempdrop posted an update on their blog regarding the acquisition of Ovuview. Ovuview is an app that presently only is on Android, and is the only app that syncs directly with Tempdrop. The acquisition means that soon there will be an option for ios users to directly sync tempdrop with a charting app. In addition, the Read Your Body app will have an integration with Tempdrop. This app is expected to be released in Fall 2019.

I have recommended Tempdrop to all of my fertility awareness clients, and believe that it will become a mainstay for fertility charting. It takes the hassle out of waking up to take your temperature, and I honestly believe it is an investment that pays off very quickly!

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