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I have been using a Tempdrop for about a year now, and after writing my review on Tempdrop I have recommended it to many of my clients and folks on Instagram. Tempdrop is a wearable thermometer that makes taking your basal body temperature a heck of a lot easier. I recommend it for people who are just starting out with FAM, because it can really help you stick with the process of charting and making it a habit. There are many ways to make FAM a bit easier to stay with, and using a device like Tempdrop is one of them. Tempdrop is definitely not the only thermometer that you can use for FAM and it is not 100% necessary. You do not need a fancy thermometer to make FAM effective!


I’m not a Tempdrop expert or a customer service expert, but here are some of the questions I get asked quite often as someone who recommends Tempdrop. If you would like direct support from Tempdrop, their customer service folks are incredible. I encourage you to join the Tempdrop Facebook Group or export your Tempdrop app logs to Tempdrop ( if you have a concerns with your Tempdrop temps or suspect an issue with your sensor.


Setting up Tempdrop for the First Time

So you have just received your Tempdrop in the mail, and have taken it out of the box. The first step is to ensure the metal pins are inserted into the plastic Tempdrop frame. Then, you can carefully insert the sensor into the plastic frame. The fabric armband can be threaded through the metal pins as shown in this image.

tempdrop band
tempdrop band

You will need to download the Tempdrop app (iPhone and Android) on your smartphone and create an account in order to sync your temperatures from your Tempdrop to your phone. You do not need to sync your device to your phone the very next day.

You will also need something to record your Tempdrop temperatures in. Currently, an android app called Ovuview syncs directly with the Tempdrop app, so you don’t need to manually input temperatures. Otherwise, you will need to manually transfer your temperatures to a charting app like Kindara or a paper chart.

You can start using Tempdrop right away, even if you are in the middle of your cycle. Ensure that your chart reflects your cycle by marking day 1 as the first day of menstrual bleed, but start where you are in your cycle.

unboxing tempdrop
unboxing tempdrop

Turning Tempdrop On

turning tempdrop on

For your first night wearing Tempdrop, you will need to ensure you are wearing it correctly and that it is on while you are wearing it. Press the small button on the sensor to read the status. A red light means that the sensor is off, a green light means that it is on. Holding the button down for several seconds, until the light starts slowly flashing green, indicates that it is turned on. Continuing to the button down for longer until the light starts quickly flashing green, means that it is ready to be paired or synced via bluetooth with your device. When you take your Tempdrop off in the morning, you do not need to turn it off. It will automatically shut off when it realizes it’s no longer on your arm.


Wearing Tempdrop

Ensuring that you are wearing the device correctly will mean that you have accurate temperature readings. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The tip of the Tempdrop sensor should be pointing towards your elbow.

  • Ensure that the armband up high on your arm, the sensor is in your inner arm close to your armpit, but not in your armpit, and snugly around your arm.

  • If you find the armband uncomfortable, many Tempdrop users have created their own armbands with stretchy fabric, pro wrap, old headbands, taped on with medical tape or have slipped the sensor into their bra. You don’t have to use the armband if it is uncomfortable - you can get creative.

  • Wear Tempdrop on the same arm each night for the whole cycle. You can change arms next cycle as long as your remain consistent for your entire cycle.

  • Make sure your Tempdrop sensor is making contact with your skin. This means that the armband needs to be tight, but not so tight that it will be uncomfortable. If you are getting error messages that your Tempdrop is unable to read your temperature, it is most likely because of insufficient contact with your skin.


Tempdrop Algorithm

Tempdrop includes an algorithm that doesn’t determine your fertile window (such as devices like Daysy, Natural Cycles or Ava), but it works to give you accurate temperatures regardless of outside factors such as waking up during the night or travelling to a different time zone. This means that it takes a little bit for Tempdrop to learn your body and environment.

For the first thirty days of using Tempdrop, the algorithm is learning and temperatures will be unchanged. At day 31 the algorithm will kick in and you may start to see some of your past temps change. You may want to wait until day 60 to rely on your temps for avoiding pregnancy. I suggest abstaining or using your original thermometer during this 60 day window. If you are simultaneously learning FAM and using Tempdrop, you won’t be using FAM for birth control during the first three cycles, anyways. At 60 nights, only the previous 2 temperatures will change.


Changing the Battery

The Tempdrop app will notify you when it is time to change the battery. Your Tempdrop should come with a green plastic tool to help you open the sensor in order to access the battery. Tempdrop takes a CR2032 coin battery.

I hope you so enjoy your Tempdrop, and as always, please contact the Tempdrop Customer Service folks if you have questions regarding your new or existing device! Are you wanting a discount on Tempdrop? Use this link for a discount on Tempdrop packages - the discount will automatically apply at checkout. Heads up that I will receive a kickback if you buy using my link!

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