Coming off the Pill Workshop

Coming off the Pill Workshop


Join Nathalie Daudet of Fertility Awareness Project and Tatiana Martins of Tatiana Acupuncture for an evening of education, empowerment & community. 1/3 women go on hormonal birth control to regulate non-contraceptive related health issues. So often, we see women dealing with side-effects of the pill and struggling to restore normal periods and menstrual cycles coming off hormonal birth control. With this information, we can make informed decisions about our health. In this workshop, we will learn about:

  • What to expect coming off hormonal birth control (including the pill, ring, hormonal IUD, non-hormonal IUD, injection and implant) + how long it will take to return to regular cycles

  • How to support your body pre- and post- coming off hormonal birth control

  • A Western and Eastern philosophy surrounding the menstrual cycle

  • How to optimise your menstrual cycle and align what you do with your cyclical energy levels

  • Natural and holistic ways to support your body in healing post-pill

This will be followed by a restorative and healing acupuncture treatment from Tatiana, as well as hormone-happy snacks!

Most insurance plans cover Acupuncture treatments. If you have coverage for Acupuncture, you will be provided with a receipt you can submit to your insurance, to be covered for part or all of this workshop.

Spaces are limited.

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