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Your menstrual cycle is a powerful tool for deepening your connection to your body and rooting you into practices that bring you home every. single. cycle.

Tune into the wisdom of your cycle and cultivate practices that anchor you into who you are.

Out from under the noise, the expectations and the should’s, the widsom of your menstrual cycle speaks the voice of who you are when you have forgotten it for yourself.

WISE is a course that will deepen your relationship with your cycle and bridge the gap of how to live it out in the world.

In this 5 week course, you will learn:

  • The gifts of each phase of the menstrual cycle.

  • Rituals and practices to guide you in remembering your wise nature every cycle.

  • What your body might be telling you and what to look for in a healthy cycle.

  • How to listen for the voice of your inner wise, wild woman.

  • How to connect with your intution and the wisdom in your body.

Registration is open

Week 1 of the course will be and emailed to you upon purchase,

followed by the rest of the video lessons weekly.

$67 CAD

You will Receive:

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5 Video Lessons:

  • Phases of the Cycle: Sprout, Seed, Bloom + Decay

  • Body Wisdom and Intuition: Foundations of reclaiming your intuition and wisdom of your body

  • Wise Wild Woman: The voice of your wise wild woman is LOUD in your decay/premenstrual phase

  • Health Insights: What your cycle might be telling you about your health, and what to look for in a healthy cycle.

  • Moon Kit: Tools + rituals to live your cycle into your life.

10 page W I S E Workbook and Moon Cycle Map

Audio Meditation