Necklaces to Wear While You Bleed

Necklaces to Wear While You Bleed


A piece of jewelry to honor your cyclical nature. A ritual to mark your menstrual time.

Garnet for the depth and richness of our blood shed. Named from the latin granatum (seed, of the pomegranate) garnets connect us to the Greek Goddess Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. A symbol of eternal decent and ascent, through her myth we are shown a way of honouring the natural cycles women live. 

Sterling Silver, symbolic of the fluidity of the feminine. A naturally occurring element in our blood stream as well as the ocean. It has long been synonymous with the moon and, in turn, our reproductive forces. 

The Circle contains. Perpetual motion directing us inward. Holding the blood in suspension within a spin-able four-edged frame, reflecting the seasons, flora, and the facets of our cycles.

Additional Details:

Pieces handmade by Beth Gage, creator of Aesoterica. Beth creates conceptual fine jewellery from precious metals and gems using traditional metalsmithing techniques. She is based in Winnipeg, MB.

The pendant hangs from a 20" long, sterling silver box chain

Gemstone measurements:

drop- 5mm x 3mm

marquise- 6mm x 3mm

round- 4mm 

trillion- 5mm x 5mm x 5mm

All of the silver used is 100% post consumer recycled 

Free shipping via Canada post within North America. $10 flat rate to ship anywhere else.

Each necklace is made to order, please allow up to 2 weeks for the creation of your unique piece. You will be contacted once your order is shipped. For any special shipping requests please contact us!

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