menstrual mentorship 1:1 coaching

menstrual mentorship

Are you looking for more connectivity, ease & flow in your life? Are you feeling a call to learn about your body & your cycles, and connect to your feminine nature?


I believe that only when we are given the space to show up and experience life deeply and as ourselves, are we able to sync into our own rhythms, and expand into our own potential.

Throughout our three sessions, you will learn the practice of charting your menstrual cycle and will develop a practice of self care based on your own cyclical nature that is sustainable and nourishing.

Menstrual mentorship is 1:1 sessions to help you root into your innate feminine wisdom. To bring you back home to your body.

Through these three sessions, you will learn the foundations of the fertility awareness method working closely with myself, or master the method if you are already using FAM for avoiding pregnancy or getting pregnant.

You will become an advocate of your own health, and will find a path through menstrual health irregularities or imbalances.

You will experience what I call “charting as healing” - the embodied awareness & transformation that comes with bringing attention to your cyclical nature.

Who would benefit?

1:1 sessions would benefit folks who:

  • Have a desire to get curious about the root cause of hormonal issues (PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, amenorrhea, fertility support or other hormonal imbalance).

  • Feel a sense of resistance and dis-ease when it comes to menstrual cycle health, and would like to work towards cultivating more flow and ease.

  • Are willing to get to know their menstrual cycle, and listen to what their bodies are trying to say.

  • Folks who are using FAM already and would like support and guidance to feel more confident in the method OR folks who are not using FAM but are curious and would like the foundations to begin charting their cycles.

Charting your cycles is a form of healing. It is a path to our feminine nature, to the intuitive part of us that knows exactly what we need and where we need to go.

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You will receive:

  • Support in charting your cycles - how to chart, when to chart, and what to look out for.

  • How to use menstrual cycle charting as a tool for living cyclically.

  • Explore concerns with hormonal imbalances or menstrual irregularities (PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, amenorrhea, fertility support or other hormonal imbalance), and find a path to healing your hormones naturally.

  • Guidance in concerns and questions about what birth control might be a good fit for you (when you understand your physiology, you can make more informed birth control choices!)

  • Rituals, practices and awareness to support what might be going on for you emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally at each phase of your own unique cycle.

  • A guideline for your very own cyclical self care.


My background

I am a professional Social Worker, and I completed my BSW at the University of Manitoba.

I am an instructor in FEMM - Fertility Education and Medical Management.

I have been teaching fertility awareness and have had the privilege of working with women in this field for two years.

I initially became a FAM instructor to bring the same empowerment I experienced learning about my physiology and hormones, but also to facilitate a connection to this cyclical way of life. I also began to connect with women from all walks of life. Many of my clients were drawn to charting their cycles and FAM because they were experiencing significant reproductive and hormonal health challenges. 

I bring my own experience of healing my cycles, my ability to be a container for the experience of others, the wisdom I have gained through benefiting from alternative medicine and the empowerment of learning about my hormones and cycles to my clients. 


Menstrual mentorship takes place over three 1:1 sessions. Sessions can be virtually via Zoom or in person in Winnipeg, MB.

Holding three sessions means we can develop a framework of personalized cyclical self-care, as well as support your existing FAM charting journey, and if you aren’t charting or using FAM, the tools to help you begin.

I am currently accepting Menstrual Mentorship clients! Please complete the form below and I will be in touch with you regarding payment and dates. Thank you.

If you are wanting more information on my group FAM course, Cycle Love, visit this page and add yourself to the waitlist for the next round of cycle love.

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