Online Cycle Love Register

Online Cycle Love Register


Cycle Love is an online fertility awareness course. In this course you will master the fertility awareness method for natural and effective birth control. The three live group sessions are on via Zoom on Mondays: September 9, September 23, and October 7 all at 5:30 pm CST.

What’s included:

  • A Cycle Love workbook mailed to you.

  • Access to the Cycle Love member page.

  • 3 Live Group classes on Zoom, with all that you need to know about using FAM, charting your cycles, living in line with your cycle, while gaining insight into your own reproductive and hormonal health. This is everything you weren't taught in health class!

  • A library of videos to support your FAM learning - living with your cycle, healing your hormones, eating with your cycle, herbal birth control & more...

  • Unlimited follow up support & chart reviews.

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    Spaces are limited.

    $365 CAD is approx. $275 USD