chart reviews

chart reviews

Chart Reviews are one-off sessions for folks who want some support in charting, but don’t need full-on FAM instruction or hormone health support.

Do you already use FAM or know how to chart, but aren’t confident that you have everything marked correctly? Are you wondering if you have everything you need to start trusting FAM for birth control? Sign up for a one-off Chart Review.

Chart Reviews are a 90 minute run down of your charts to date. I will ensure that you have your coverline, temperature shifts, cervical mucus marked correctly. Note: I use Sensiplan temperature rules with FEMM CM rules.

You will feel confident and reassured that you are using the method correctly, and will receive tips on making FAM even easier to use.

I will review your charts ahead of our session, to note any possible hormonal imbalances or things you need to look into when it comes to your charts.

Our menstrual cycles can tell us about our overall health and can give us insights into what might be going on in our lives.

Ready to schedule your Chart Review with me? Schedule your time with the appointment calendar below.