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In the last 12 months (at the time of writing this blog article), my day job has taken me all over the province and the country. I am really fortunate to see places in my province that not many people are able to see. As a natural homebody, I’ve become an expert at taking my home with me wherever I go. This also means taking FAM with me wherever I go. I’ve received many questions on how to continue on with FAM when travelling. There are many of posts about how to keep charting while you travel, but I wanted to give my own perspective on this. There is the practical side of continuing to chart with odd sleep patterns, temperature variable rooms, and time changes, and then there is the emotional side. Our emotions and life circumstances do play a part in our hormonal health. Keeping routines, even while you travel, can help with this aspect of hormone balance. In this post, I want to delve into both sides of travelling and using FAM In my experience, the logistics of charting and taking my temperature have not been an issue for using FAM. The thing that has wreaked havoc on my cycles is the stress, change in routine, change in food that comes with travel.