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It all began when I was searching for a non-hormonal form of birth control. I came across the fertility awareness method (or FAM, for short) and I was initially very skeptical. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot, and found that it was exactly what I was looking for.

It also challenged everything I knew about my body and menstrual cycles. I found out that there was a lot we weren't being taught as women.

That we aren't being irresponsible for not going on hormonal birth control, that we OVULATE every month and that the practice of FAM can give us a relationship with our body that we've never experienced before. 

My journey to learn FAM started as purely practical. I started to chart my cycles as a means to avoid pregnancy naturally. The more I began to chart  and learn about where I was in my cycle, the more I realized that FAM was much more than a purely practical tool. I started to see how I was asleep to my cyclic nature. Both the high highs of creativity, joy and conectedness around ovulation.. As well as the low lows of the critical, shadow side of pre-menstruum.

Charting grew to become a practice that rooted me in my feminine nature. The awareness of my cycle through charting made me more aware of imbalances I was experiencing hormonally, and places in my life that my cycles were asking me to take a look at.

I believe that the essence of life lies in connectivity; with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.

Now, I teach the fertility awareness method and work with women who desire to have a relationship with their hormones and with their cycles. As a result, they have a greater sense of empowerment in their choices and in their lives. I believe that when we are given the space and knowledge to show up in life as our truest selves, we feel safe and empowered to pursue our fullest potential.

When I’m not teaching FAM or researching the latest and greatest around women’s health, I am hanging out trying to keep my houseplants alive, camping in nearby Kenora, doing calligraphy, or being cosy drinking tea. I was born and raised, (and live) in Winnipeg, Canada.


  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Manitoba 

  • Certified FEMM Instructor, FEMM

  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking and Herbal Medicine for Practitioners Certificate, Pacific Rim College

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